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Mission and values

Our vision and strategic directions

Pioneer's vision and values reflect a balance between the strong traditions of our school community and our pioneering spirit and focus on innovation. Our vision and values are underpinned by strategic priorities that drive how our community will live out our vision. Our actions are guided by our school motto: "Pride, Honesty, Success".

Our vision, values and priorities were developed through an extensive consultation process involving students, parents, staff and the wider community early in 2011. The process of Appreciative Inquiry was used to develop a clear and common vision for the strategic direction of our school over the coming five years.  2018 Pioneer SHS Pedagogical Framework.pdf

Our values

Positive relationships - Innovative curriculum - Responsive pathways - Educational excellence

Our strategic priorities

1) Positive relationships: A diverse and caring community founded on real connections and positive relationships

  • 1.1 Appreciative Inquiry: Utilising a strength-based and collaborative approach to create, enact and regularly review a clear vision for continued improvement
  • 1.2 Deprivatising Practice: Building a climate of professional respect and trust in which teachers can share, reflect upon and improve teaching practice
  • 1.3 Behaviour and Wellbeing: Ensuring a positive and safe learning environment for all students based on clear expectations and responsive support
  • 1.4 Attendance and Engagement: Implementing targeted and proactive strategies to ensure that every student is in class every day
  • 1.5 Closing the Gap: Attaining equality of opportunities for Indigenous students and celebrating the diversity of Indigenous culture 

2) Innovative curriculum: Creating confident and successful citizens of the global community through an innovative and rigorous student-centred curriculum

  • 2.1 Dimensions of Learning: Providing a common, explicit and evidence-based approach to pedagogy and a common metalanguage for teaching and learning
  • 2.2 Clear and Coordinated Curriculum: Ensuring a clear and systematic approach to curriculum delivery that is responsive to systemic imperatives and local priorities
  • 2.3 Literacy and Numeracy: Lifting literacy and numeracy performance for all students by making it everyone’s business
  • 2.4 An International Focus: Creating informed, confident and compassionate global citizens
  • 2.5 ICT and eLearning: Unleashing the power of digital pedagogies and preparing students for a technologically advanced and interconnected world

3) Responsive pathways: Providing flexible and responsive pathways to diverse and rewarding careers

  • 3.1 Analysis of Data: Using data effectively to track and monitor student progress and build deeper understandings of student performance and learning
  • 3.2 Differentiated Learning: Responding to student data by modifying teaching practices, designing appropriate pathways and providing individualised intervention and extension
  • 3.3 Bridging Careers: Supporting students to develop clear and meaningful pathways to further education and future careers
  • 3.4 Vocational Education: Linking students to industry and rewarding careers through nationally recognised qualifications
  • 3.5 Minerals and Energy: Exploiting opportunities in the booming mining sector to connect students with rewarding careers

4) Educational excellence: A school of choice: leading the way in educational excellence

  • 4.1 Leadership and Professional Learning: Creating a responsive leadership structure and providing targeted investment in the increased capability of teachers in priority areas
  • 4.2 Quality Assurance: Embedding systems and building a culture that sets and monitors high standards for excellence in teaching and learning
  • 4.3 Marketing and Promotion: Celebrating success and building a positive image of the school in the wider community
  • 4.4 Primary School Partnerships: Shifting perceptions, sharing expertise and creating positive transitions
  • 4.5 Grounds and Facilities: Creating an inviting and engaging learning environment for the whole community