Parent teacher communication


Parent teacher interviews

Pioneer State High School hosts parent teacher interviews early in Term 2 and Term 3. Parents are strongly encouraged to attend these evenings to meet with their child's teachers and discuss their child's progress.

Bookings for our parent teacher interviews are completed using an electronic booking system. For additional information please download our Interview booking instructions (PDF, 236 KB). Alternatively, if you do not have access to the internet, you are welcome to contact us and our staff will complete the booking on your behalf. Additional information regarding our parent teacher interviews is mailed out with students' academic reports.

The parent teacher interviews are held at the school  from 3.00 pm - 7.00 pm. To book your interview times, please access the instructions provided above or go directly to the booking website. In addition to our scheduled interview evenings, parents are welcome to contact the school to arrange meetings with teachers at any time during the school year. Year coordinators are also a great point of contact regarding any concerns or questions that you might have in relation to your child and their education.

Information evenings

Throughout the year, Pioneer State High School holds a number of information evenings that are designed to foster a strong partnership between the school and home and to ensure that students and parents are informed about important decisions that need to be made at different points in a student's schooling.

Information about upcoming information evenings is provided through our newsletter, website, Twitter feed and letters to parents.

Year 7 - Meet the teachers evening

A 'Meet the Teachers' information evening and barbecue is held early in first term every year, providing an opportunity for the parents of new Year 7 students to meet their child's teachers. This is an important opportunity to establish a strong and supportive partnership between school and home. The parents of all Year 7 students are strongly encouraged to attend.

Year 7 - Information evening

Early in Term 3, prospective students and their parents are invited to an information evening and tour of the school. The evening is a great opportunity for Year 7 students and parents to find out more about our great school. During the evening, prospective students and their parents will be provided with information about our curriculum and support services and will have an opportunity to talk with staff and current students.

Prior to this evening, Year 7 students at our partner primary schools will have received information about Pioneer and our scholarship program through our primary school visits. Information about this event is provided to Year 7 students through our partner primary schools.

Year 8 into 9 and year 10 into 11 - Subject information evenings

Late in Term 3 each year, Pioneer holds information evenings for students in Years 8 and 10 to assist them in making decisions about their selection of subjects for Years 9 and 11. The information provided during these evenings ensures that students and their parents are able to make informed decisions about the educational pathway that students elect to pursue.

It is important to note that in Term 4, all Year 10 students and a parent or guardian are also required to attend a planning meeting to finalise subject selections for Years 11 and 12. At this meeting, the student's Senior Education and Training (SET) Plan is finalised. A student's SET Plan is key document that is used to map out their pathway through senior schooling towards their chosen future career. Please click on this link to access the booking site for SET PLAN Interviews.

Other information evenings

From time to time, the school holds additional information evenings about specific topics or programs, such as our Instrumental Music Program and Laptop Program.

Last reviewed 06 January 2020
Last updated 06 January 2020