Principal’s welcome


Welcome to Pioneer State High School's website.

If you are already a member of our school community, I trust that you find our website to be a rich and useful source of information about our great school.

If, on the other hand, this is your first introduction to our school, I hope that it is the beginning of a new and lasting relationship with our community.

Pioneer is a school that lives up to its name - we truly are a pioneering learning community, committed to innovation and continuous improvement.

Our vision is to be partners in learning for the twenty-first century in an innovative, inclusive and caring community. This statement captures our desire to work together to prepare students for the exciting, challenging and rapidly changing future in which they will live and work. In enacting our vision, we strike a balance between, on the one hand, preserving proud traditions and instilling important values and, on the other, providing an innovative and responsive curriculum based on the latest educational research and world best practice.  Our current pedagogical framework reflects the reserch and training we have done to ensure we provide this best practice. pioneer-shs-ped-framework-2019.pdf

A true strength of Pioneer is the welcoming, caring and inclusive nature of our community. This is reflected in our Care system, in which each student is supported by the same Care Teacher along their entire journey through the five years of high school. From year 7 onwards students are also assisted by a range of programs and support personnel and are encouraged to play an active role in our community through mechanisms such as our Student Council.

Since its foundation in 1986, Pioneer has forged a reputation for excellence in a range of fields, across academia, the arts and sport. Our school is part of the Queensland Minerals and Energy Academy, providing exciting opportunities for students to learn about and engage with the local mining industry. The school also provides students with opportunities to gain skills to help them with future work and training opportunities in the areas of robotics and coding.

We are a Centre of Excellence in both Science and The Arts, providing a comprehensive range of both curricular and co-curricular opportunities in these two fields of endeavour. Our arts programs allow students to excel in drama, music, dance, visual art and film and television. Our students have also enjoyed success in a diverse range of sports, including futsal, soccer, touch and volleyball. Pioneer is also home to an Asian Learning Centre, playing a leading role in our district in preparing students for the "Asian century".

I invite you to join our community on our journey of learning and innovation.

Best wishes,

Matthew Horton


Last reviewed 18 December 2019
Last updated 18 December 2019