ICT and business


‚ÄčThe Business and Information Communication Technology (ICT) Department offers students at Pioneer State High School a wide range of learning options. Our courses have been specifically designed to enhance and develop both knowledge and skills for life-long learning. We endeavour to prepare our students to live in a constantly changing environment and enable them to manage both their personal and professional lives in a proactive way.

Junior secondary curriculum

Year 7 and 8 - Business

Students study this subject for one semester. By incorporating a range of software programs, we enable students to develop skills which they will be able to use across all subjects studied throughout their secondary education.

Years 9 and 10 - Document design and production

The topics offered in this subject, enable students to develop their skills in the areas of computer applications and business processes. Software packages include the use of word processing, spreadsheet, database and desktop publishing.

Years 9 and 10 - Enterprise

Students are given the opportunity to run their own business ventures involving the manufacturing, marketing, and managing of a product in order to make a profit using the business skills learnt during the elements of the course and/or participate in the F1 in Schools Competition.

Years 9 and 10 - Everyday business

The topics offered in this subject, assist in the development of our students understanding of basic and various business procedures. Students are introduced to basic accounting practices including the use of the accounting package MYOB (Mind Your Own Business).

Years 9 and 10 - Animation

Animation will provide students with the techniques of making objects appear to move on their own. Using software programs students will investigate 2-D modelling, tweening, storyboarding, and timeframes.

Years 9 and 10-  Digital multimedia

Students will be provided with the skills to design and implement webpages using the adobe suite.

Year 11 FSK20113 Certificate II in Skills for Work and Vocational Pathways

This qualification provides students the opportunity to develop a range of interpersonal skills with a broader application to both personal and work life skills. Students' career planning and the development of their Senior Education and Training (SET) Plan is incorporated into this subject.

Senior secondary curriculum


The topics studied in Accounting assist students in developing important personal financial life skills as well as providing students with an understanding of important business financial practices which can support them later in their working lives.

Business communication and technologies

Business Communication and Technologies (BCT) offers students opportunities to engage in and understand a range of business administrative practices through real-life situations and simulations.

Certificate II in certificate II in information, digital media and technology

This qualification provides the skills and knowledge for individuals to perform tasks using a personal computer and a range of software applications and digital devices.

Certificate II in business

This qualification provides the skills and knowledge for individuals to prepare for work in a clerical administrative role. Topics that are covered include communicating verbally with clients and colleagues, teamwork, selecting and maintaining and using business technology appropriate to the task.

Information and technology systems

Students will develop the knowledge and skills in the development of information in the form of documents and websites. Student will gain the knowledge in supporting computers and network systems.

Information processing and technology

Information Processing and Technology (IPT) practical approach and a significant emphasis on problem solving through applying the design, develop and evaluate cycle. Students will write documentation for information systems and other computer programs.

Network and ICT support

The Business and ICT Department also oversees the maintenance of our school's network and ICT infrastructure and devices and manages our laptop program. Our Head of Department, IT technician and network administrator work with Education Queensland and with school staff and students to ensure that our ICT platform is operating effectively.

Last reviewed 18 December 2019
Last updated 18 December 2019